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Your highlight is the HILITE s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium Bike


The s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium Bike is our declaration of love as titanium nerds to the discreet appearance of classic steel bikes. We realize the bike´s slender grace by choosing thinner tubes compared to the s Pinion Adventure Titanium Bike - the geometry and all attachments are identical though. The s Pinion Classic Adventure is intended to appeal to all those bikers, who are looking for the advantages of the s Pinion Adventure, i.e. high stability and, thanks to the long durability of the frame and all attachments, extremely low maintenance requirements, but can do with a few kilos less of system weight. Either because your bike will rather be used for everyday commuting with basically no luggage, or because besides your daily journeys you can get along with a little less luggage on your bike adventures and longer tours. This distinction between a lot of and a little luggage is of course relative. So lets talk in numbers. As the s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium Bike comes with a system weight of 140 kg - compared to 180 kg for the s Pinion Adventure - it does not need to hide. Even heavy drivers can safely load some extra kilos here. Especially as the frame remains torsion-resistant even under full load. The thinner tubes are not butted, so they have a continuous wall thickness but still ovalized so that the load can be distributed more evenly.

Besides that lower system weight of 140 kg, the use of thinner pipes also has positive effects. On the one hand, the leaner design, which is, of course, a matter of taste, but on the other hand also on the driving characteristics. The thinner tubes offer more flexibility, so they can swallow small bumps in the road. This also leads to the head tube being slimmer and ensures particularly high flexibility at this critical point. This not only leads to a pronounced increase in comfort but also ensures that you can reduce those small steering movements compensating for the bumps and save that energy for the drive forward.

And if it cannot be comfortable enough for you, you can further optimize comfort with our optional titanium attachments. The titanium seat post and fork also increase flexibility and allow you to glide over the streets another tad more gently. And it obviously looks magnificent too.

As mentioned at the beginning, we adopted the relaxed, tour-oriented geometry from the s Pinion Adventure. The bike is therefore characterized by its smoothness and stability, coming from long chainstays and a flat steering angle.

The attachments are also identical. Everything that cannot be changed quickly, such as the complete lighting system from Schmidt, the DT Swiss rims and single-speed hub and of course the Pinion gearbox are of superb quality to minimize the maintenance of these critical parts.

What are the advantages of buying the s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium bike compared to a custom frame? The frame lock for the Gates Belt and the sliding dropout are included in the price and the titanium fork is available at a special price (quick release 500 CHF / 15 mm thru-axle 750 CHF).

The illustrated build of our s Pinion Classic Adventure frame is for visualization purposes. No matter what wishes you have, (almost) everything is possible, just send us an email to [email protected].

from 13 kg

650B and 28” possible

Tires up to 622-55 

System weight 140 kg

s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium Bike

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s Pinion Classic Adventure Titanium Bike