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Lightweight & stable:

s Carry Titanium luggage rack

With the new s Carry Titanium luggage rack from HILITE, luggage can be transported not only safely and comfortably, but above all conveniently.


Optimal balance

With a payload of up to 30 kg, the s Carry Titanium luggage rack is a true packhorse and a practical supporter for every type of cyclist.

The sturdy titanium construction was staggered rearward and has lower struts, which allows the bags to be mounted much lower. As a result, our luggage rack grants you greater heel freedom when pedaling. In addition, we bring the weight closer to the hub and thus create a natural and balanced ride - even with luggage.

Thanks to the two holes on the dropout of the luggage carrier, our noble titanium helper can be adapted to any tire size between 26 and 29 inches.



Material & texture

Including all attachments, our luggage carrier weighs about 670 g, making it one of the lightest on the market. Your legs and your back will thank you. As the luggage carrier is always in the immediate vicinity of the wheel it is inevitably exposed to a lot of wetness. With our titanium luggage carrier you not merely opt for extremely light, but also for a weather-resistant material. Titanium does not rust.


Technical details at a glance


  • Weight: 670 g

  • Weight without small parts: 520 g

  • Material: Titanium

  • Wheel size: 26 “ to 29 "

  • Attachments: approx. 150 g

  • Load: 30 Kg



The s Carry Titanium luggage rack fits in well with our s Pinion Adventure Titanium Bike - our reliable bike for every track.

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s Carry Titanium Luggage Rack

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s Carry Titanium Luggage Rack