HILITE titan bikes provide best quality with which you'll experience something new and overcome bridges that will lead to exciting adventures.

Excellent customer loyalty

Each Pinion touring bike is as individual as our customers. Special needs require top-quality materials. By this means we provide HILITE bikes with a long durability and a sustainable production. We'd like you to experience pleasure and safety on the road and in the surrondings with the Pinion bicycle for many years. For that reason we're always ready to help.

With a HILITE measure frame you'll recieve the complete package. We only need your sitting position data. Out of it, we will construct the frame for your new Pinion touring bike specially for you. Each frame device and add-on piece on the new Pinion bicycle or Gravel bike are selected according to your needs and requirements.

Do join in the development at any time. Do you look for a stylisch, fashionable Gates Carbon Drive, the modern belt drive? Do you prefer cycling in the city or in the surrondings? For a better imagination, you'll be given a 2D-CAD-illustration. Pipe strenghts, diameters plus ovalisation degree of the bicycle frame will be perfectly adjusted to your personal requirements.

  • In case you're interested in a HILITE bike, we are ready to help you. Please be feel to visit us, write us an email oder call us if you'd like to place an order.
  • We'll support you to fulfill your dream of a stylish new Gravel bike with a secure Gates Carbon Drive. First, we'd like to get in touch with you beforehand. Information concerning your sitting position, your previous bikes, your way to cycle and your enterprises will help us select the adequate components. We gladly advise you on all kinds of enquiries about the components that goes best with your new HILITE bike.
  • After our talk, we'll make you an offer with a 2D geometry illustration as well as a deposit bill over 25 percent of the actual price. The detailed illustration will be designed and started after the transaction has taken place and the frame production has been confirmed. Each frame is built manually in Taiwan, each bike is built entirely in Basel. Orders will be worked on after the ordering process and the resulting waiting times.
  • We build your titanium bike entirely in our workshop. Your Pinion touring bike can also be dispatched to you after the completion. We are located in Basel. In case of pickup by the customer we make you familiar with your new HILITE bike in all details. Your titanium bike can be picked up after four to 18 weeks depending on the type, availability of the components and complexity of construction.