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Your Highlight is the HILITE s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike

For us cyclists, gravel bikes are the Swiss Army knives of the cycling world. With the combination of Pinion and our own Hibox, we've created a highly practical and comfortable all-in-one solution on two wheels - the s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike.


Thanks to our Hibox, we can now equip a titanium gravel bike with a Pinion gearbox without sacrificing an essential component for robust gravel biking - integrated brake shift levers. This means you can sprint with a firm grip, take control of slippery and steep curves while resting your hands on top of the lever, or ride in an upright position - always ready to brake and shift simultaneously.

But we at HILITE Bikes went a step further with this development because safety and readiness to brake in the upper grip are crucial. With the Hibox, you have the flexibility to use brake shift levers from both SRAM and Shimano. If you opt for Shimano levers, you can also integrate "Froglegs" for even more safety and control.


Another comfort feature is the Gates belt drive, offering maximum efficiency with minimal wear and tear, all while remaining quiet and clean - clean in the sense of being free from oil or grease, though not necessarily free from the mud that your afternoon adventures might entail.


The s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike is truly versatile, designed to handle gravel, mud, stones, dirt, and moisture without compromising the gearbox or the frame. It's equally at home on asphalt, thanks to its adaptable design. With up to a 600% gear range, it can conquer steep inclines effortlessly. Click here to access Pinion's official gear ratio calculator.


The geometry of our gravel bike is slightly more relaxed and stable than that of an aggressive cyclocross bike, ensuring a comfortable ride even on longer tours or bikepacking adventures. If classic touring is your preference, we've equipped our frame with all the necessary features, including two bottle holder eyelets on the seat and down tube, as well as mounts for a luggage rack and fenders at the front and rear. With a system weight limit of 140 kg, you can load up your bike without worry.


Despite its robustness, our s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium frame remains lightweight. This is, of course, due to the material used - the titanium alloy 3AI / 2.5V - and our careful tube shaping techniques that reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity.


Our s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike seamlessly combines the best elements from different cycling worlds, making it the most versatile and comfortable option on the market. See for yourself.


Please note that the illustrated build of our s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike is for visualization purposes only. We can accommodate nearly any customization you desire, so feel free to email us at with your specific preferences.

from 10.5 kg

650B and 28" possible

System weight 140 kg


3 CNC milled, elegant holders on the down tube for the cable routing

Sliding dropouts for easy adjustment of the belt tension


2 bottle mounts

Fender and rack mounts


Seatpost diameter 31.6 mm

Seat tube outside diameter 34.9 mm

Head tube inner diameter 44 mm

Headset ZS44 / 28.6 | EC44 / 40

Fork installation height 400 mm

s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike

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s Pinion Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike
CHF 8,000.00