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Tube diameter titanium standard tubes

Feature: Tube diameter titanium standard tubes

You can choose the diameter of all tubes yourself to find the right tube for your design specifications or intended use. Generally speaking, the larger the tube diameter the better the rigidity-weight ratio. Thicker tubes, however, are less flexible. Additional rigidity can also be achieved by ovalising the tubes. The latest fashion in seat tube design is the traditional 27.2 mm diameter, which, due to its smaller diameter, provides considerably more flexibility and comfort. If you want to maximise rigidity, you can opt for a 31.6 mm seat tube, which is the most commonly installed diameter at the moment. Or alternatively you can opt for an integrated ‘Capy’ version.

An integrated titanium seat post provides mainly benefits in terms of rigidity and – due to its exclusive design – appearance. If you want to install Cantilever brakes, you can run the brake cables directly through the seat post, thus reducing attrition through friction. You can choose either straight or bent seat stays with the former providing maximum rigidity and the latter comfort. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Below you will find a list of all tubes we have in stock:
Φ7×1.2 Φ13.0×0.9 Φ15.9×0.9 Φ19.0×0.9 Φ22.2×0.5 Φ22.2×0.9 Φ22.2×1.2
Φ22.2×1.6 Φ25.4×0.9 Φ25.4×1.55 Φ26.8×0.9 Φ27.0×0.9 Φ27.2×0.9 Φ28.6×0.9
Φ28.6×1.55 Φ30.0×0.9 Φ31.6×0.9 Φ31.8×0.9 Φ31.8×2.3 Φ31.8×2.5 Φ31.8×1.2
Φ31.8×1.55 Φ33.0×3.0 Φ33.3×1.8 Φ34.9×0.7 Φ34.9×0.9 Φ34.9×1.6 Φ34.9×4.0
Φ34.0×2.0 Φ38.1×0.9 Φ38.1×2.15 Φ40.0×0.9 Φ40.0×3.15 Φ44.5×0.9 Φ50.8×0.9

Needless to say, for an additional charge we can provide tube dimensions other than those listed above.