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Why titanium for your bike?

You must feel it with your hands

and see it with your eyes to understand why

Chemically speaking, titanium is a transition element. It has a white-metallic gloss and is very light, firm, flexible as well as resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuation. These features make it the ideal material for bicycle frames that require durability, low weight, high rigidity and at the same time have to be very comfortable. From a ride quality standpoint: Titanium provides a very smooth ride. People love to talk about how carbon dampens and titanium smooths, it’s only fantastic.

From a technical point of view, however, it is very difficult and expensive to process titanium, which is approximately ten times more expensive than steel and very scarce. The high price is a result of the labour-intensive process involved in the filtration of the broken-down compound. From a repair point of view: If your frame should ever break because of crash or you want to change anything, it is possible.

Potentially the biggest difference between a Ti frame and carbon fiber frame is that the frame should outlive the components on it. With a carbon fiber frame, of course, one bad crash can cause the frame to get a crack and be trashed; with a titanium frame, they’ll just keep on going.

Titanium was discovered by an amateur chemist named William Gregor in the 18th century. A few years later is was rediscovered by the German chemist Heinrich Klaproth, who was impressed by the properties of the element to such an extent that he gave it the name titanium – a reference to the Titans, the Greek race of deities. Yet it wasn’t until 1940 that it was possible to use titanium for commercial purposes.

Nevertheless, why titanium for your bike? You will be hard-pressed to find a better material for your frame than titanium 3Al/2.5V. 3Al/2.5V: its low weight, extreme rigidity, highest comfort, durability and customising options. Titanium is highly flexible without getting damaged. And let’s be honest: it is very snazzy to boot! The options that are possible with titanium are too many to list. There is no other metal that provides better technical possibilities for customisation than titanium while at the same time being stylish and of superior mechanical quality.

We manufacture the titanium bike frame of your dreams, combining all the benefits of aluminium, carbon and steel.

Why titanium for your bike?
– shape and frame made-to-measure according to your needs
– added comfort
– high frame rigidity
– extremely durable and resistant
– low weight