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Your highlight is the HILITE s Rohloff Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike.


We have been building extremely stable touring bikes and super-light racing bikes for over 10 years. Gravel bikes, which are still relatively new on the bicycle market, combine both requirements in just one frame and do so without having to make any major compromises.

With the s Rohloff Gravel, we have already created the third gravel bike. Similar in geometry, our models differ primarily in the gearing mechanism. We started with a derailleur gravel bike. Then our most commonly installed gearbox was added, a gravel bike with a Pinion. And here is the third in the league - a gravel bike with a low-maintenance hub from Rohloff.

Just like with this model here you shift the gears on the s Rohloff Gravel as it´s supposed to be on a real gravel bike using a handlebar/brake lever combination. This is done via the Cinq's Shift: R Road. This allows you to easily shift 3 gears on your Rohloff at once and brake your bike at the same time. Regardless of whether you are riding relaxed on the horns or you are conquering the mountain while riding your bike standing.

For us, the Rohloff is, so to speak, the little sister of the Pinion. This is particularly noticeable in terms of weight, because the Rohloff weighs around 800 grams less than the Pinion, making it the lightest gear hub on the market, despite a gear range of 526%. As with any hub, the Rohloff also needs torque support. To make the whole thing as neat as possible, this is elegantly integrated into the left drop-out.

In addition to the advantages of the Rohloff gear hub itself, this, just like a Pinion gearbox, allows you to do without a chain, which could increase the wear and tear of costly components. Instead, a belt drive from Gates turns the chainring and cassette on this third HILITE gravel bike. The advantage? The chain line - or rather the belt line - is always 100% straight, regardless of which gear you are currently touring in. And that's why, even without lubricants, it always has lower friction than a chain. This means that you can get more forward movement from every step on the pedal and that for significantly more kilometers driven while at the same time reducing the wear and tear of all components involved. Oh yes, and of course the whole thing is also quieter. Sounds great right? We think so too!

Instead of an optically not quite so discreet sliding dropout, the belt of the s Rohloff Gravel is stretched over an EBB, an eccentric bottom bracket, in proper style. The bottom bracket sits in an oval formwork that can be turned to increase the distance between the bottom bracket and the axle and that way tension the belt. You can see this quite well above in picture number six.

Via the bottom bracket, we turn directly to the frame. As always with HILITE, this consists of the highest quality titanium with the alloy Ti3Al2.5V. This ensures many years of driving pleasure without worrying about rust or other weather-related influences. The tubes are ovalized at the appropriate points, such as around the bottom bracket, to avoid horizontal movement of the same as possible. The frame geometry ensures that your forces are passed on directly into forward movement and at the same time the unevenness of your surface is swallowed as actively as possible. So your bike will stay perfectly directional and stable on the asphalt as well as in the toughest terrain and still help you to sit in the saddle as comfortably and as long as possible. No matter whether you are on a short day trip or traveling through Asia fully packed. This is also what this bike is designed for. Even if the racing handlebar speaks a different language for many people at first glance: The attachments and the geometry are intended for long tours in the saddle, and the available eyelets speak for themselves. So you can attach up to 3 bottle holders (or luggage holders, of course) in the frame triangle and even have a fourth place on the underside of the down tube! For larger luggage items, we recommend our s Carry Titan luggage rack, the eyelets for this are of course already integrated with the frame, as is everything else you might need to make your bike even more comfortable and suitable for traveling, like mudguards and light.

No matter how long or short your trip is going to be. The subject of maintainability is particularly important to us at HILITE. All cables on your bike, therefore, run on the outside. Right on the underside of the down tube, where they are held in place by three CNC-machined black anodized cable holders. This means that they are always easy to reach when necessitated.

And last but not least, a topic that is particularly relevant to gravel bikes, because after all, it is about a bike that should meet all of the needs of a cyclist in one frame - tire clearance.

The s Rohloff Gravel is only available as a disc version to get the most pleasure out of wheel switching (and of course also to get the most pleasure out of braking). You can easily switch between 28 ” and 650b wheels. Those who want smoother running and, above all, want to be on the move quickly, choose narrow 28 ” tires. For added comfort, traction, and handling, you can switch to the 650b and use tires up to 55 mm wide! (50 mm at 28 ")

The s Rohloff Gravel Allroad is the perfect bike for everyone looking for the perfect bike for everything! Pass by in Basel and take our gravel bikes with you on a free test ride.


from 10 kg

650B and 28 ” possible

Tires up to 622-55

System weight 140 kg


3 CNC milled

s Rohloff Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike

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s Rohloff Gravel Allroad Titanium Bike
CHF 8,300.00