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Your Highlight is the HILITE s Pinion Adventure Aluminum Bike


With the s Pinion Adventure Aluminum, we want to offer an inexpensive entry into the world of first-class touring and city bikes without compromising on stiffness, comfort or low maintenance.

The s Pinion Adventure aluminum comes, as the name suggests, equipped with a Pinion gearbox. You can choose any model of the C & P line and achieve a gear bandwidth of up to 636%. The Pinion gearbox of your choice sits directly in the bottom bracket, protected from stone chips and all types of weather influences. In addition to the advantages for the bikes driving dynamics due to the low and central center of gravity, this protected position ensures a maintenance interval of 10,000 km. From our shop in Basel, Switzerland to Iran and back to the shop for a quick oil change before moving on is, therefore, no problem and shows the finesse and craftsmanship that have gone into the development of the Pinion Gearbox.

We use aluminum as the frame material, more precisely AL 7005. Although this is not quite as lightweight as the titanium used in our top touring model s Pinion Adventure Titanium bike, it's as well capable of offering high stiffness values, appropriate tube shape and wall thickness provided, and is, in contrast to carbon, significantly less susceptible to shocks and, if it does come so far, can be patched quite quickly and easily worldwide.

The geometry of the aluminum frame is optimized for directional stability and long-distance touring. With a system weight of 150 kg, there is, of course, a lot of extra loads which you can carry with you, but even if you pedal at the weight limit for a longer period of time, you can be sure of, that you are sitting on a maximally rigid frame that flexes only where it brings you comfort - for example on the 27,2 mm thin seat post - and otherwise remains stiff, gives you efficiency and keeps you firmly and safely on track. Above all, the steering head stiffness is of utterly importance for this not only comfort-related but also safety-relevant driving behavior. We have therefore strengthened the down tube with a gusset and equipped the tapered head tube with semi-integrated bearings. In plain language, this means that no matter how much luggage and how fast you drive, you can be sure that your cockpit won´t flutter.

Maximum rigidity is also important on the rear part of the bike. The chainstays are therefore square-shaped and reinforced with a specially developed yoke. This ensures greater tire freedom and, of course, again - stiffness. All other installed pipes are also designed according to these requirements. To ensure that the design ultimately shows up exactly as planned in the frame structure, all tubes are hydroformed to achieve maximum precision during the manufacturing process.

In addition to the groupset, another common wear part on the bike? The chain. Bicycle chains require constant care and maintenance, never run perfectly straight and therefore never as efficiently as possible and also make your legs dirty (from time to time). We thought that can't be the best solution out there and therefore combine the low-maintenance Pinion gearbox with a low-maintenance belt drive from Gates. Perfect straight running, no oil or grease, no noise due to the lack of moving parts and the minimal maintenance effort speak for themselves. Since the belt, unlike a chain, cannot be opened and closed, this function must be performed by the frame. We have elegantly hidden the so-called frame splitter in the right dropout. In the left dropout and the chainstay, we designed as elegantly and installed the mounts for a stand and thus fulfill three functions with a single component. In addition, the dropouts are horizontally adjustable, so of course, the belt tension can be easily adjusted at any time, but also the heel clearance can be increased. An important criterion for all touring cyclists with larger feet. And even if we recommend the thru-axle, if you would rather use a quick release, these will also fit into the dropouts - without any further structural changes.

For easier maintenance, all cables are routed outside on the underside of the down tube in a cable housing to increase the maintenance interval.

As a real touring bike, the s Pinion Adventure aluminum comes with all the necessary mounts for fenders and luggage racks both at the front and rear. The stable fork is specially optimized for the Tubus Duo Lowrider, so you can double your payload and above all optimize the weight distribution and the center of gravity of your bike.

And if you not only want to rediscover the world but also your city every day, the s Pinion Adventure Aluminum is of course also perfect as your daily, robust companion on the way to work or to the bakery.

The illustrated build of our s Pinion Adventure Aluminum frame shown is for viewing. We do not have any pre-made bicycles, each bike is built for you individually and upon request in Basel, Switzerland. Choose your preferred RAL color code and write to us, no matter what your dreaming of, because (almost) everything is possible.

Simply send an email to

System weight 150 kg

Frame weight 2.0 kg


28 “ (up to 50 mm)

650b (up to 55 mm)


Thru-axles 135 x 9/142 x 12

Seatpost diameter 27.2 mm

s Pinion Adventure Aluminum Bike

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s Pinion Adventure Aluminum Bike
CHF 4,500.00