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Your Highlight is a HILITE s Gravel Allroad Aluminum Bike


No matter which roads and paths are on your doorstep, you can tackle them all with the s Gravel Allroad Aluminum Bike. Our gravel bike is the bike for everyone who is looking for one for everything. The elegant and well-proportioned frame can be ridden with a 28" wheelset as well as with 650B wheels. Depending on what agility or smoothness you want to have and what type of terrain awaits you on your course. Your selection affects the corresponding tire freedom. 28" wheels are of course particularly suitable for equipping your bike with rather narrow 23 or 25 mm racing tires and turning the noble frame into a noble speedster. But even at 28 inches - without a mudguard - tires up to 47 mm wide can fit in. Enough for every gravel track, the namesake of the gravel bikes. If gravel is not enough variety and adventure for you, simply free the frame from the big wheels and install smaller 650B wheels. These then allow a tire clearance of up to 50 mm and turn the s Gravel Allroad Aluminum Bike into a bike that is suitable for gravel and can even be hunted over minor rocks and can, therefore, compete with one or other hardtail MTB. This means that literally, all paths are open to you.

And even if the rock is too big to roll over with your extra-wide tires, you may shoulder your new bike quickly and, above all, comfortably. Thanks to the flattened top tube, which does not cut into your shoulder, but fits comfortably and a low frame weight of only 1400 gr (for size 51).

The subtle design of the curved frame is supported by internally routed cables in both - the frame and fork. This makes maintenance a little more complex, but it also makes it much less frequent because your brake and shift cables, as well as your light cables, are always protected from dirt and moisture - and you can get a lot of dirt with this bike. Oh - and yes, the internally routed trains also look magnificent.

In addition to road and gravel, the bike is also predestined for another purpose: adventure and touring trips. Fenders can be easily mounted on your s Gravel Allroad aluminum bike, and the carbon fork, which is already tapered in the standard version, also comes with the necessary eyelets for luggage racks. Which means even weight distribution for front and back.

Lots of luggage also requires a lot of braking power. The brake pistons sit on modern flat-mount calipers and allow brake disks up to 160 mm in size. This ensures proper deceleration and the flat mounting corresponds to the aesthetic requirements of the frame. Since both front and rear thru-axles are installed, you do not have to worry about the force of the disc brakes, and whether they distort the axles and could negatively affect the driving experience. Instead, you can fully enjoy the plus in deceleration and maximum rigidity when you plunge down alpine switchbacks or flow trails. The thru-axles have a diameter of 12 mm, withstand particularly high forces and let you brake precisely at the highest speeds. The installation width on the front wheel is a stable 100 mm, a whopping 142 mm at the rear.

We handbuild the wheels that will rotate around these axles in Basel. This craftsmanship not only ensures a significantly more precise result but also improves smoothness, stability, weight and service life. Ultimately, handbuild wheels ensure more driving pleasure. Oh yes, and for all design purists, we also like to pull the stickers off the rim.

Another important factor for driving pleasure is the shift group. At the end of 2019, Shimano introduced a new group developed especially for gravel bikes - the Shimano GRX. The GRX combines the best of Shimano's experience from road and MTB worlds and gives you more tire clearance, a higher pivot point in the now wider and rubberized brake lever, which gives you more leverage and the Dynamic Chain Engagement tooth profile, which holds the chain firmly on the sheet in rough terrain. Besides, you can also use the hydraulic GRX brakes with brake levers in the top link (as we have done here). The brakes are very easy to vent and thanks to the mineral oil, it does not have to be replaced constantly. You can install cassettes both from the racing bike area and from your MTB. The GRX is available in different variants from 1x11 to 2x10 - and of course also as a Di2. As you are used to from Shimano, the GRX gets a few grams lighter with every coin invested.

Besides the wheel- and groupset, the most important thing for your bike? The frame, of course. For the s Gravel Allroad Aluminum, we use a sloped top tube. This not only integrates wonderfully into the harmonious design language but also reduces the height of the overhang and gives you more freedom for balancing maneuvers even on the steepest terrain. At the same time, this increases the length of the 27.2 mm thin seat post and maximizes flexibility and comfort. The hydroformed pipes are created under oil pressure and can, therefore, be dimensioned exactly according to the load distribution. The frame comes with a classic screwed BSA bottom bracket and in your desired RAL color.

The illustrated build of our s Gravel Allroad aluminum frame is for visualization purposes. We do not have any pre-made bicycles, each bike is built for you individually and on your request in Basel, Switzerland. No matter what your wishes you have, (almost) everything is possible, just send us an email to [email protected].

Frame weight 1400 g (RH 51)

Aluminum AL6061


28 ” and 650B possible

47 mm tire clearance at 28 ”

50 mm tire clearance at 650B


Internally routed cables

Flat mount brake

Max 160 mm brake disc

BSA bottom bracket 68 mm


142 x 12 thru-axle rear

100 x 12 thru-axle front


2 bottle holder mounts

Mudguard and rack mount


Seat post diameter 27.2 mm

Seat tube outer diameter 31.8 mm

Tapered head tube 1 ⅛ "- 1.5"

Integrated IS42 / 52 headset

s Gravel Allroad Aluminum Bike

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s Gravel Allroad Aluminum Bike