HILITE Bikesis a smalltitaniumbikemanufacturerspecializing in customtitaniumframes/bicycles. Wecoverthewholerange of titanium, from touringbicycle swith Piniongearme chanism and Gates beltdrive to Randonneurbikes, Crosser and Gravelbikes and otherspecificmodels such as racingbikes, hardtailmountainbikes, trekking/urban bikes and tandems. We do notlimitourselves to a solelymechanicaldrive, butinsteadwegiveyoutheopportunity to experiencethelatestgeneration of electroniccomponents such as a GoSwisseBikedrive, a Maxon Motor, a supportingdriveoreven a wirelessgroupset.

Wewant to createproductsthatareperfectlydesigned and produced, customized to yourindividualneeds, so youareable to experiencemanyvaluablecyclingmoments and lots of funfor a long time. HILITE Bikesare, fromdesign and engineering to assembly and wheelbuilding, completely Swiss Made.

All thesestepsarecarried out in Basel, Switzerland.  Itwouldbeourgreatestjoy to buildthebike of yourdreamsforyou, consideringthateverythingcomestogetherperfectly.


One essential requirement for the development and production of a custom bicycle frame is the constant exchange of information between you, the customers and us, the manufac


We offer you a customized geometry of the frame in cooperation with Cross Clinic in Basel. Also  includes a professional measurement of your body via Retuel.


As soon as we know about all your needs and wishes we will make an individual offer for you. If you have no requests for any changes, a technical production drawing for your new.


The components you have chosen for your bike will be ordered. Once they arrive, your selected attachment parts will be carefully installed to the frame by one of



Made to Measure

Hi lite bikes stand out from the crowd. Due to an individual geometry, special components, a noble finish or the clean and simple construction of the bicycle, each individual will find exactly

Swiss Custom Build

Due to our own high-quality standards, we are able to offer you a product labeled with "Designed, Engineered and Assembled in Switzerland". The frames are manufactured

Are you a retailer?

Are you a retailer and would like your customers to benefit from a Hi lite Titan from ours Standard series as well? Then we have great news for you! Because we do supply retailer

Titamium as a Frame Material

With our titanium frames, you will experience a new feeling of driving comfort and driving dynamics. Adapting the frame to your physique actively reduces potential

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The men run dums Fahrrad, Teile, neue Pr dukte, Touren und technisches