Juan-Antonio Flecha on his Titanium bicycle

Who does not know Juan-Antonio Flecha?! After his professional career he is now working as the cycling expert for Eurosport television. During the TdF you can see him together with Greg Lemond making the analysis and interviews before and after each stage. Now on the Giro he is on his own and just 2 days ago his was scouting the stage up to Piancavallo which was not an easy climp. Even for him. The interesting part is: Juan-Antonio Flecha on his Titanium bicycle was riding on his personal bicycle. It is not a HILITE Titanium but you see the fact even former TdF, Vuelta and Giro stars are choosing titanium as material of their personal choice. He for sure would have plenty of options for bikes but chose a Titanioum bicycle! Titanium bikes are getting more and more popular for their performance, understatement and look.  You can see the vid here: http://video.eurosport.de/radsport/giro-d-italia/2017/strecken-check-von-juan-antonio-flecha-zur-19.-etappe-der-brutale-anstieg-nach-piancavallo_vid978165/video.shtml