Photography has always been important to us. Since we rarely sell a bicycle that isn’t unique in it’s own way, shooting these bikes is a way for us to remember what’s passed through the doors, and an archive of inspiration for what lies ahead. Almost every bike makes me sit back and just think, ‘holy shit’. Thank you, Dear customer, for creating such a beautiful machine, and our photographer Andreas Sütterlin for the great photographies you are doing for us.

XXL Pinion bicycle – The right mix

This bicycle is a mix of a high quality touring and a 622-60 twentyniner hardtail. The owner has a body height of 2.03m (6.66 feet) and the bicycle is build for a system weight of 180kg. Highest stiffness, strength and durability for long touring was key. All tubes are oversized and CWSR (Cold Worked Stress Relieved) treated. But since we can not be always on touring, the frame should be also designed for mountain biking with a 100mm fox fork for daily use with a child transporter. The touring fork is also made out of titanium with a 15mm thrue axle, tapered 1 1/8-1.5” and a 330mm fork steerer for a comfortable upright position. Continuous bosses to fix a titanium custom made lowrider. Both forks can be quickly changed without any problems for touring or mountain bike use. Even for the weekend. Pinion with Gates CDX belt, Shimano XTR disc brake, Schmidt Son hub dynamo with 15mm thrue axle and Schmidt Edelux II light. You can fix 4 bottle cages on the frame, Cane Creek suspension seat post and the Syntace VRO stem tops the perfect bicycle. Appendix: The images where made after delivery to the customer and with several hundreds of miles.