Photography has always been important to us. Since we rarely sell a bicycle that isn’t unique in it’s own way, shooting these bikes is a way for us to remember what’s passed through the doors, and an archive of inspiration for what lies ahead. Almost every bike makes me sit back and just think, ‘holy shit’. Thank you, Dear customer, for creating such a beautiful machine, and our photographer Andreas Sütterlin for the great photographies you are doing for us.

Pinion touring bike

Reduced to the max. Classic titanium custom frame in combination with a 18 gear box. More floating then rolling and with the bigger 29” wheels you are just faster. Only 13kg in total and around 700-1000gr heavier then a than a derailleur setup you will not feel the difference. A better weight distribution and centre of gravity compared to the speed hub. Only high-end parts combined to make your ride incomparable