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Titanium delights

Less is more

This leads , inspires and drives us

More is often less – that is our guiding theme. It drives, guides and inspires us. We listen to the advice given to us from racing cyclists and touring riders and implement it when developing and manufacturing new titanium frames. Our frames are classy, comfortable and the crown of craftsmanship.

What is so fascinating about titanium? It is the combination of low weight, maximum rigidity, supreme comfort and performance attuned to the frame type. The durability and distinctive design are additional determining factors that are reflected in our frames.

Titanium allows you to tailor specific frame options, rigidity, comfort level and weight to your individual needs.

It will be love at first sight and touch. You will fall for titanium the first time you touch one of our bikes. And you will ask yourself: Can this lightweight permanently withstand the strains of everyday riding life?

While there are still technically obsolete titanium frames on the market, they are few and far between and you will never find them on our premises. Lightweight design and rigidity can be implemented with titanium. Such a bike is built to last. After all, it is not without reason that we give a 20-year warranty on our frames.

The desire will be overwhelming once you have experienced the added value that comes with titanium frames. The fascination will know no end.

Join the community of people who have come to experience the benefits of titanium!.