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Thru-axle on your mountainbike

What are the advantages of a thru-axle system for mountain bikes? No matter what type of bicycle you choose to ride wheel axle support is important for the aggressive rider and the casual rider. Mountain bikes are built to handle many types of terrain, and a through axle system adds security and safety for all riders. There are many benefits and advantages of buying a bike with a through axle system, or upgrading to this new axle technology and improving the over-all performance and safety of the bike you have.

The main advantages of a this new axle system is stiffness and strength. Bikers that enjoy exploring the mountain-side or rough trails need a stiffer and more secure axle. It is stronger and much more stiffer than older quick-release axles. These solid rod front and rear axles are being used to replace the older QR hollow shafts because this new technology increases wheel and axle support. It may not be a standard yet, but it is becoming more popular due to the many benefits and advantages. More stiffness and additional strength is safer for bikers.Many mountain bike riders like traveling on rugged terrain, and they enjoy the adrenaline rush of doing jumps and drops. However, without a solid and secure axle there is a huge difference between making an awesome jump and making a jump that ends with the front wheel popping off and injuries.There are advantages of front and rear through axle systems for all types of riders. The aggressive rider who does wild drops and heart-throbbing jumps will benefit from the added security and strength. Mountain bikes are designed to handle any type of terrain. Whether you are on rocky grounds, muddy slops, grassy or gravel lined trails you will feel the performance benefits and difference that the stiffness of a thru-axle system provides. And with a solid, secure axle rod you do not have to worry about wheel pop-offs, broken or damaged axles.Chose the type of front through axle that is right for your bike and riding needs; for example there are 100 x 15mm and 110 x 20mm. Rear thru-axles are available in 142 x 12mm, 135 x 10mm and 150 x 15mm. The type of bike and your riding style will help you decide. A solid rod axle system has many advantages and it improves performance; even if you simply enjoy cruising around on a mountain bike enjoying the scenery.