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Rohloff Bike - Handmade Titanium

A Rohloff titanium bike will be with its owner forever.

Once you have caught the ‘bike bug’, there is no escaping it. The bike plays an important part in your life and is with you at all times – be it when you go holidays or when commuting to work. But most people do not have the means – financial or otherwise – to purchase different bikes for different purposes. We have a solution!

A Rohloff titanium bike is the perfect combination of cross-country and city bike. Rohloff bikes' exceptionally light construction, along with important features such as lights, sporty handlebar and slim saddle, make it the ideal bike for inner-city cycling. In addition, a Rohloff bike is the ideal partner on trips that do not lead through impassable terrain.

The Rohloff titanium bike presented here combines all of the above features and impresses with a great many of snazzy gimmicks. The frame is custom-made according to your individual needs and specifications, thus ensuring that you will receive the perfect frame for your height and leg-torso ratio to make every trip ergonomically comfortable and more enjoyable. Additionally, titanium is an extremely durable material of timeless beauty. This high-quality material provides safety and impresses with a classy appearance, both features of which make it a popular material for high-quality Rohloff bike frames. We have also included a 14-gear Rohloff bike internal gear hub into each of our bikes. The biggest advantage of this shifting solution is the good overall gear ratio with even steps as well as the rugged housing, which provides both excellent protection from jamming through dirt and ensures less tear and wear than traditional shifting systems.

Another highlight of the Rohloff bike is the drive belt by Gates, which – as the name suggests – uses a belt rather than a chain (which is the norm in most bikes). The main advantage of a belt is the fact that it requires less maintenance due to the lack of the need for lubrication. A lubrication-free system also ensures a clean bike and clean trousers, and there is no need to look after the chain (which more often than not is either lubricated too much or too little) every once in a while.

Last but not least worth mentioning are the disc brakes of the Rohloff bike, which ensure greater braking power compared to traditional brakes – especially on wet surfaces. This is a particularly important factor when travelling with a lot of luggage. Moreover, such a braking system causes less rim wear and tear and therefore requires less maintenance.

As you can see, a HILITE Rohloff titanium bike has all the features you could wish for: a custom-made titanium frame, a 14-gear Rohloff internal gear hub, a Gates Carbon Drive Belt as well as first-class disc brakes, all of which make this bike highly suitable for a variety of terrains. The simple but classy design of the Rohloff bike is of particular appeal to those bikers who don’t care for a fancy appearance. It is, therefore, no problem at all to take the bike out on a trip to the countryside on the weekend after negotiating the concrete jungle day after day. Your Rohloff bike will be equipped with loads of storage room to transport all that luggage you need on your day or weekend out.

Your highlight is a HILITE Rohloff titanium bike!

We manufacture your personal HILITE titanium bike. Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation.