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Retül Seat position analysis

Retül Seat position analysis: Cycling is movement and movement is healthy. Nevertheless, inconveniences can occur. Proper sitting position applies for all cycling fans, no matter whether on a fast racing bicycle, a sporty mountain bike or a comfortable touring bike. Numbed hands and feet, a stiff neck or knees starting to ache, are only a few possible consequences, if the frame size is wrong, or the bicycle simply doesn‘t suits you. There is an incompatibility between the rider and the bike. An unnatural movement is imposed on the human body. If the balance is wrong, it quickly comes to exhaustion, injuries and bicycle accidents.

A bicycle is always a complex product and depends on the type of use. A cyclist who often goes cycling, a bicycle racer or the cycling enthusiast have each quite different demands on the vehicle and the individual sitting position. Saddle height, handle bar height, or the frame size are often incorrectly selected. The bike should accommodate to the human, not the human to the bike.

We, as a specialised dealer, have identified the problem early in the past, and educated us in this area. The bicycles are sold with a good consulting service and a precise measurement of the ustomer. Thitherto we have been analysing our customers and using their data for calculating ergonomic settings.

The company Retül is walking along a new track and is working with a 3-D system. Sensors are attached to the body of the cyclist. The movement is being recorded and evaluated in real time. Since last summer, the crossclinic Basel specialised in sports medicine is offering the new seat position analysis, as a partner of Retül. The technology is similar to the technology which is used when animating a film.

After a detailed medical history, infrared LEDS will be attached to all major joints and the values determined. The measurements will be recorded three-dimensionally and with less than 1 mm deviation. Measuring is not theoretical numbers, but according to personal needs.

Professional cyclists have a near-perfect seat position. In the leisure area most are far away from that. When you purchase a new bike, the bicycle setting is generally roughly measured. The dynamic component is not included. This idea is being realised by the help of bicycle biometrics and the best measuring instruments in this area, the Retül 3D Motion capture, to achieve the perfect harmony between the human and the bike.

We offer the professional Retül seat position analysis via the cross clinic to our advantageous partner conditions. Especially in combination with a titanium frame the Retül seat position analysis can obtain the most of it, because the titanium frame can be precisely built on this basis.