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Each HILITE-Bike starts with a conversation. We understand that ordering a bespoke bicycle can be a big decision. Each one is unique and there are a lot of options. Some will be to do with the function, feel or performance of the bike, some will be aesthetic, and some emotional. The most important thing is that your new bicycle fits you and your cycling ambitions perfectly, so together we can discuss how HILITE-Bike can meet your needs and create a truly stunning bicycle for you.

Each HILITE-Bike is uniquely designed and custom built. Some options are listed below, but we are always eager to work with a customer’s own concept and specifications with the goal of creating your perfect ride!

The process of building a custom titanium frame is very time consuming and accordingly the prices. A complete bike build can can between CHF 5000 (roadbike with complete Shimano 105) and CHF 12000 (Pinion with many many high-end parts and options)

Basic HILITE Titanium custom frame: CHF 2500CHF, 4250/4500 (with Pinion P12/P18).

A custom frame Ti tandem bicycle starts from around CHF 8000,- Depending on material, weight and brand of assembling parts such a project can cost also between CHF 10-12000,- We only sell complete bicycles.

We prefer to deliver complete bicycles, so that I can ensure everything goes together just right. For the time being we don’t accept frame or part orders.

Pricing for mounting parts: You get 10% discount on the Swiss retail price and 50% on the assembling costs.

Prices subject to change, please check at time of ordering.

If your time is very limited we offer a special service: I will visit you in your preferred place to discuss and take the order. Will be charged according to effective costs.


* Complete custom geometry and design

* Head tube for Ahead 1 1/8”

* Titanium tubes Ti3Al2.5V Grade 9

* rod, filler Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5

* appropriate tubes in diameter and form

* gauge Ti tubes

* standard Ti dropout/hanger

* sandblasted frame with Hilite Logo

* TIG welding

* Di2/EPS holes

* Flatmount

* Boost spacing 148mm or 110mm

* 20 years limited lifetime warranty


* framelock for Gates Carbon Drive: CHF 250

* double or triple butted tubes: CHF 250

* Titanium fork 1 1/8”: CHF 700

* Titanium fork 1,5”: CHF 1000

* Titanium fork 1,5” + 15mm thru-axle: CHF 1250

* Titanium seat post Sattelstütze: CHF 180

* Titanium head tube for 1 1/8” semiintegrated ZS head set, 44mm: CHF 300

* Titanium head tube 1.5” EC49: CHF 195

* adjustable paragon dropout with eyelets: CHF 250

* handlebar-stem combo: CHF 500

* BB30 (w/o adapter): CHF 150

* Integrated seat post + Cappy: CHF 100+200

* Fork customized for Son Schmidt SL: CHF 100

* additional bottle cage eyelets (2 included): CHF 30

* Hebie or Plätscher bike stand direct mount: CHF 90