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Pinion P1.18 Rahmen

Ein Titan Pinion P1.18 Rahmen ist ein HILITE:

The Pinion P1.18 gearbox requires a separate mount, the so-called bridge, for installation in a bicycle frame. This bridge is an integral part of the Titanium Pinion bicycle frame (Pinion P1.18 frame) designed to be welded to the frame. For technical reasons, the Pinion gearbox uses its own standard, which is not compatible with other standards. It is therefore not possible to use the Pinion P1.18 bicycle with other gear assembly standards.

HILITE has built and tested several versions until we reach the final version. Light, stiff and the perfect connection for the Pinion gearbox in your Titanium custom frame from HILITE. A HILITE Pinion frame combines the benefits of the HILITE Custom frame platform with the revolutionary Pinion gearbox. This is how to build a carefree bike. Due to the central and low center of gravity, it results in a agile setup. A custom frame combines superior performance and great reserves. The company Pinion has indicated 60,000 km as the absolute minimum value of the Pinion transmission and during test runs far greater mileage performance was obtained. And with the lifetime warranty of a HILITE titanium frame, it’s a perfect combination.

Your Highlight is a HILITE Titanium Pinion!


We will build your personal HILITE titanium bike and advise you more closely!