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A 26 inch mountain bike: a classic amongst mountain bikes.

Are you looking for a mountain bike with supreme handling and unrivalled performance? A bike that will never ever fail you? In that case, a 26 inch bike is exactly what you need, no matter your riding preferences, no matter the terrain, no matter the weather!

The only sensible choice for you is a 26 inch HILITE titanium mountain bike – a bike made from light and virtually indestructible titanium. It is entirely up to you which features you would like to have installed into your frame. You can choose a lightweight crank with BB30 standard, a tapered head tube for added rigidity, or a Cannondale Lefty suspension fork. Almost every conceivable combination is possible.

Your HILITE titanium mountain bike will be custom-designed according to your needs and specifications. You will receive a 100% unique and made-to-measure bike that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Your highlight is a HILITE titanium mountain bike with Pinion P1.18!

We manufacture your personal HILITE titanium bike. Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation.