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Your highlight is a HILITE custom dream carbon frame

For all those bikers out there who can not live without eliminating the last gram possible, be it for professional racing reasons or just to be faster when competing with your friends, but at the same time accept no compromise on stiffness and on top want the frame to fit exactly to their bodily requirements, HILITE Bikes has something new to offer: the custom dream carbon frame.

Our custom dream carbon frames are tried and tested custom frames, with which we can make all changes to seat and steering angles as well as tube lengths based on a standardized basis in order to tailor the frame perfectly to you.

In spite of this standardization component, your measurement frame will fit you like a glove in the overall process and you will not only benefit from lower production costs, but you can also be sure that your frame has already been built, tested and optimized in a similar form. That means that you will get a unique piece, that still was not built for the first time.

Pick a model of your choice. We can make everything from aero and endurance racing bikes to gravel bikes and time trial bikes. Based on your wishes, your body measurement results and your bike history, we then create a technical drawing of your future frame.

If you are satisfied with the result, the entire frame will be built by expert hands in Italy from Sarto Bikes, true artists of this rare craft. Sarto Bikes has been specializing in the production of custom frames since 1960 and was the first Italian company to venture into carbon frame building. This long experience can be seen, felt and needless to say, experienced when riding. The german “Tour” - journal is always enthusiastic when it comes to Sarto Bikes and it is exactly this enthusiasm that we want to put on your face as soon as you sit on your bike for the first time. Thus, we will not only build your frame completely according to your wishes, but we will advise you as well regarding every part from the groupset to the spoke nipple in order to adapt everything perfectly to you.

In our workshop in Basel, your new dream racing bike will then be assembled professionally and made ready for dispatch. If you would like to pick up your bike in person, this is certainly not a problem - on the contrary. It will enable us to adjust your bike even more precisely.

Let yourself be inspired by Sarto Bikes and get in touch with us or simply pass by in Basel.

Custom Dream Carbon Frame

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Custom Dream Carbon Frame