Titanium travelling bike frame

We build your dream bike

When the going gets tough: A titanium travelling bike frame. Are you a bike commuter, leisure cyclist or ‘globepedaller’? Or do you use your bike all day long, every day and for a variety of purposes?

No matter what type of cyclist you are, you all have one thing in common: with a custom-made titanium travelling frame you will receive the bike of your dreams. A HILITE titanium travelling bike frame will be both a reliable partner and a comfortable, rigid, fast and beautiful bike tailored to your needs and riding preferences.

Everybody has their own personal dreams and whims; their own personal everyday life, a life in which you need to be able to count on your bike. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on crossing Asia on your bike or whether it is going to be a leisurely ride along the Danube. You need a bike that will not let you down, regardless of whether you are speeding down street canyons, crossing the Alps or doing your daily shopping. Whatever it is you are using your bike for, we build what you need for your purposes.

We are convinced that our titanium travelling bike frame is one of the highest available quality on the market. Visit us on our premises and see for yourself!
Our HILITE titanium travelling bike frame fulfill your every need and desire, be it an integrated rack or towbar, additional bottle or stove cages. Or do you need an extra rigid bike for transporting a lot of luggage, or a comfortable bike with an upright seating position? Your wish is our command.

Your highlight is a HILITE titanium!

We manufacture your personal HILITE titanium bike frame. Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation.