Pinion P1.18 trekking bike

The Swiss Army knife

Titanium Pinion P1.18 trekking bike: designed to be handed down from generation to generation.

Everything started at a Porsche plant, which is where the two founders of Pinion met; more specifically at the department for transmission development. And this is where this ingenious idea originated. The goal was the development of an intelligent bicycle transmission system to automobile standard. After many years of research and development, the Pinion P1.18 was finally released in August and is installed by default into our Pinion P1.18 trekking bike. This rotary shifting system replaces classical derailleur systems and is a true innovation insofar as it has an overall gear ratio of 636% (more than any other shifting system), has 18 real gears with even steps of 11.5% and operates in a rugged housing safe from dirt and damage. Furthermore, the Pinion rotary shifter is ideally located with a low centre of gravity and light rear wheel to improve handling and performance, thus making Pinion P1.18 trekking bikes much lighter than any other bike. The rotating mass is reduced, which, in turn, makes for faster acceleration and stoppage of the bike.

The P1.18 is a reliable partner on all continents under the harshest conditions. High mountains, deserts or coastal landscapes. Pure travelling pleasure: the P1.18 simply works – maintenance-free and permanently optimal function. Extreme climates, stone impact, sand, water and many thousands of miles cannot affect the P1.18.

Pinion P1.18 trekking bike in 26 and 28 inch frames have plenty of reserves while at the same time are unbeaten with regard to riding performance and smoothness.

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