Mountainbike MTB with Pinion

low maintenance, fast and comfortable

A 26 inch hardtail mountain bike with derailleur gears, internal-gear hub or a Pinion P1.18 rotary shifter: a classic amongst mountain bikes.

Are you looking for a pinion mountain bike with supreme handling and unrivalled performance? A bike that will never ever fail you? In that case, a 26 inch bike is exactly what you need, no matter your riding preferences, no matter the terrain, no matter the weather!

The only sensible choice for you is a 26 inch HILITE titanium mountain bike with a Pinion rotary shifter – a Pinion MTB made from light and virtually indestructible titanium. It is entirely up to you which features you would like to have installed into your frame. You can choose a lightweight crank with BB30 standard, a tapered head tube for added rigidity, or a Cannondale Lefty suspension fork. Almost every conceivable combination is possible.
Your HILITE titanium mountain bike with a Pinion P1.18 rotary shifter will be custom-designed according to your needs and specifications. You will receive a 100% unique and made-to-measure bike that will be with you for the rest of your life.

A big bandwidth is crucial for mountain bikers. After all, you want ultra low gears crank up steep ramps and simultaneously to pedal at high speed in the downhill. A triple crankset with derailleurs was long time the best compromise, reaching a bandwidths of more than 600 percent. The new Pinion P1.18 comes with a total ratio of 636 percent.

he compact design provides an integrated, reduced design for innovative bicycles – Pinion bikes are excellently balanced and technically perfect. They reduce the wonderful feeling of riding a bicycle to the essentials.

All Pinion transmissions guarantee unique function in every situation under all conditions. Four precisely defined transmission ratios that meet the highest demands for ease of shifting gears and smooth riding for a trip round the world or on the trail just as much as in the city and on a weekend trip.

Your highlight is a HILITE titanium mountain bike with Pinion MTB!

We manufacture your personal HILITE titanium bike. Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation.

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