27.5 inch/650B Mountain Bike

this might be the best compromise

mtb bike 27,5 / 650b: Find the perfect balance!

The latest innovation in MTB wheels are without doubt 27.5, 650B wheels, sometimes called 650B. This wheel size is not a compromise but combines the advantages of 26 and 29 inch mountain bikes without having any mentionable downsides to it. Everyone is talking about it -not least since Nino Schurter won a World Cup as well as a silver medal at the London Olympic Games on 650B. Both cross-country and marathon racers have increasingly been using 27.5 inch wheels; in marathon even more than in cross-country.

The reason for the increasing popularity of 650Bs is simple: they are lighter and more rigid than a 29 inch bike and at the same time pick up and maintain speed faster and more easily respectively. Furthermore, they roll over obstacles much more gently, have better cornering stability and better traction than a 26 inch bike. A 650B is the ultimate trail bike. In other words, it is the perfect balance between 26 and 29 inch and its features make it the ideal choice for any biker, regardless of preferences and riding habits. As you can see, a custom-made 27.5/650B mountain bike is nothing short of a titanium dream.

Your highlight is a HILITE titanium 27.5/650B mountain bike!

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