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What is the difference between a standard mountain bike and a HILITE Titanium mountain bike frame?

Using the most robust material available for bike frames – titanium - , we manufacture your personal HILITE titanium mountain bike frame for all purposes and terrains. Titanium is the most forgiving of all available frame materials. No matter how tough the going gets, your titanium frame will never fail you. And the best part is that it is extremely durable without being overly heavy or soft. What a fascinating material!

Are you looking for a classical titanium mountain bike frame with 26 inch wheels? Have you always dreamed of riding a 29er or 27.5er, which is how Nino Schurter wins his World Cups? Are you planning on going trail surfing or to do an Alpine cross? Or are you addicted to the thrill of speed? Be it a rigid, semi- or full-suspension mountain bike, you will find what you are looking for here at our HILITE store.
We will manufacture a custom frame according to your needs and specifications.

Your highlight is a titanium mountain bike frame!

We manufacture your personal HILITE Pinion P1.18 bike. Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation.