You can choose from a range of designs including but not limited to: flat, riser, low/high riser or drop (for racing bikes).

Here you can design the handlebar of your choice. Choose from a variety of stem clamping sizes such as 31.8 mm (oversize - most commonly used), 25.4 mm, 25.8 mm, or in 35 mm, a size that was recently introduced by Deda. When designing a mountain bike handlebar, you can freely choose handlebar rise (the outer sections of the bars rising from the center clamp area) and sweep (the angle in relation to the rider’s body), and you can also choose from different dimensions to adapt the handlebar to optimally meet its intended purpose. When it comes to racing handlebars, we differentiate between drop bars (straight central section attached to the stem, with each end curving first forwards and down, and then back towards the rider at a lower position), reach (distance to brake levers), bar width and clamping. The finish can be either brushed or sandblasted. Please do not hesitate to contact for an informal consultation on any of our HILITE titanium custom handlebars.