29er mountain bike frame

the fastest hardtail version

Titanium 29er mountain bike frame: the smooth glider

No other mountain bike maintains speed better and rolls over obstacles more gently. A titanium 29er mountainbike frame is ideal for marathons and riders addicted to the thrill of speed as well as for riders who are new to cross-country mountain biking. Thanks to the large wheel diameter, speed is easily maintained and obstacles are overcome effortlessly, and the large contact surface of the tyres improves traction on steep climbs or fast corners. No other hardtail (mountain bike with suspension fork) is more forgiving and gives you more security in difficult terrain or when speeding downhill than a 29er mountain bike frame. The only minor disadvantage – the loss of rigidity – can be compensated by manually installing and soldering special spokes to the wheels. Loss of rigidity can also be reduced by fitting thicker head tubes, through-axles (such as the Syntace X-12) and tube sets. When it comes to handling characteristics, we can accommodate your every whim or fancy, be it supreme manoeuvrability or the smooth running of a 29er. Everything is possible.

Our frame can be a all-mountain marathon machine, featuring new, wider 110mm boost front and 148mm rear hubs creating a larger spoke triangle base for improved wheel stiffness and exceptional handling. Whether you choose to ride extra wide 27+ tyres for incredible grip or 29” tyres, it delivers stunning performance in every format.

Needless to say, we also offer the latest bottom bracket and head tube standards and innovations for your titanium 29er mountainbike frame.

Every single HILITE titanium 29 inch mountain bike is unique.

Your highlight is a HILITE titanium 29 inch mountain bike frame!
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