Photography has always been important to us. Since we rarely sell a bicycle that isn’t unique in it’s own way, shooting these bikes is a way for us to remember what’s passed through the doors, and an archive of inspiration for what lies ahead. Almost every bike makes me sit back and just think, ‘holy shit’. Thank you, Dear customer, for creating such a beautiful machine, and our photographer Andreas Sütterlin for the great photographies you are doing for us.

Dougs sPinion Classic

Already 3 months ago we got the task to build this beautiful bike for a customer from California. He picked up his bike on a Friday and started an on-/offroad tour to Venice the next day. From there the bike was sent back to us for the final changes mentioned below. A few weeks later, the customer was back in the HILITE store to make the second part of his trip Basel-Vienna-Prague and back. Between both trips we then took the opportunity to take pictures of the bike. The bike of course survived the trips without complaint and the customer is very excited about it. Also, the choice of Pinion C1.12 gearbox was perfect in his eyes and he was glad not to have chosen the more heavy P1.18 gearbox. The final bike weight was complete with pedals 13kg. For us again a bike nothing to improve about it. Just perfect. Custom-made fork and frame, custom titanium handlebar stem unit, Supernova E3 Triple 2 lamp. DT Swiss 240s single-speed hub, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and rims. Titanium Tubus Logo Carrier and our HILITE Lowrider also made of titanium. Thru-axle front and rear. Unfortunately, the pictures do not show the final version. After we took the pictures we changed to a stem / handlebar unit and a titanium lowrider.