Photography has always been important to us. Since we rarely sell a bicycle that isn’t unique in it’s own way, shooting these bikes is a way for us to remember what’s passed through the doors, and an archive of inspiration for what lies ahead. Almost every bike makes me sit back and just think, ‘holy shit’. Thank you, Dear customer, for creating such a beautiful machine, and our photographer Andreas Sütterlin for the great photographies you are doing for us.

Elegant, timeless and low maintanace Mixte bicycle

With a mixte frame, the top tube of the traditional diamond frame is replaced with a pair of smaller tubes (lateral tubes, or lats) running from the top of the head tube all the way back to the rear axle, connecting at the seat tube on the way. Completely new-engineered from scratch do-anything bicycle for fast and comfortable fun city riding. Combined with a Gates belt and the Rohloff Speedhub we got a low maintenance and elegant bicycle. Our twin-tube single arc disc frame features a straight double-oval down tube that increases lateral stiffness for speed, while absorbing road shock for comfort. Available titanium frame weighs just 1,6kg. Equally adept at jumping curbs, cutting corners, and tearing through gravel alleyways, it is also a wonderful bicycle for lazy rides down dirts roads to the lake and taking it easy in the park. Big 29-inch wheels and up to 2.35-inch tires, combined with a long wheelbase and aggressive geometry, makes it equally at home on pavement, cobblestones, rough asphalt, and dirt. Clean and silent carbon belt drive weighs a third of a traditional bike chain and won’t get your pants dirty. Your choice to 14-speeds and a massive 526% gear range in a high-tech internal hub from Rohloff. Built by hand with titanium riser stem-handlebar, seatpost and some of the greatest bicycle components in the world from Chris King, Supernova, Magura, Schwalbe, and more.