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Your Highlight is a HILITE s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike


The s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike is our classic road bike for everyone looking for a bike that has been optimized for weight and stiffness while remaining adaptable to be ridden both - comfortably and aggressively. Depending on who you are sharing asphalt and slipstream with.

Despite this focus on a light and direct-to-drive frame, we have of course not completely disregarded the aerodynamic aspects of the s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike and have deviated minimally from the classic round tubes at the conjunction of the top, down and head tube to be optimized aerodynamically at this particularly critical point.

This turns the s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike into an all-round talent that supports you with any undertaking, regardless of whether you want to storm the podium of all open races around or just your local mountain. This bike gives you maximum efficiency and lightness. Combined with a Dura-Ace groupset, you can even crack the 6.5 kg threshold! But our top model can of course also be used with any other Shimano or SRAM groupset, regardless of whether it is mechanical or electrical.

And despite its light- and stiffness, our s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike is comfortable to drive. This is ensured by low-lying, asymmetrical and particularly thin chainstays that swallow bumps before they arrive in the saddle due to their high flexibility and can, therefore, distribute loads more fairly over the entire frame and ensure smooth running. With a diameter of 27.2 mm, the seat post is also rather thin, allowing more flexibility and more comfort. We deliver the s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike with three spacers as standard, which allows a particularly upright sitting position despite the rather average length of the head tube. And all short-distance sprinters simply leave out the spacers.

For many years we have been building our s Race Road Aero Carbon frame almost exactly as it might stand in front of you very soon. With the MY2020, you benefit from proven design and geometry that has been tried, tested and constantly improved over the years. And just as we are always on the lookout for further optimization options, so does our Japanese partner company Toray, which produces the carbon for this beautiful frame. With the Toray 800, a carbon was created that can offer maximum yarn freedom and in which the individual fibers are already oriented on the reel in a load-oriented manner. This enables us to ensure that the stiffness values ​​remain identical across all frame sizes. In the sense of rigidity and low weight, our Roadbike comes with a Shimano Pressfit bottom bracket.

The structure of our s Race Road Aero Carbon frame shown is for visualization purposes. We do not have any pre-made bicycles, each bike is built for you individually and your request in Basel, Switzerland. No matter what your wishes are, (almost) everything is possible, just write us an email at [email protected].

Carbon frame from 750 gr
Carbon fork 330 gr

Complete assembly from 6.5 kg

Shimano Pressfit bottom bracket standard

Seatpost diameter 27,2 mm


Toray 800 carbon

s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike

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s Race Road Aero Carbon Bike