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Your Highlight is the HILITE s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike


The s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike is the consistent transfer of our aspirations regarding efficiency, design and low maintenance to the field of e Bikes. The powerful Neodrive rear engine delivers power where it's needed, without any unnecessary load on crank and belt. The energy comes directly from the frame - as the battery is incorporated sleekly into the down tube. And the Pinion transmission, in conjunction with the Gates belt drive, provides a 10,000 km service interval - and clean trouser legs every time.

Enjoy the strongest tailwind of all time, during your daily commute or for a weekend getaway. The s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike brings you quickly and yet comfortably to your destination, regardless of the wattage in your legs. Because the powerful Neodrive engine simply triples your power - and with a torque of up to 40 Nm, our s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike can even take on the sprint-strongest cyclists. And remains pleasantly quiet. With an efficiency of 85%, the Neodrive rear engine is extremely efficient and ensures that every Kw is transferred from battery to motion - and in case you are rolling this energy transition works the other way round as well. Thanks to the "Energy Recovery System", the Neodrive rear engine becomes a generator, producing energy and thus increasing your range. The engine is available in 2 versions: either with support up to 25 km / h, which lets you use it as a normal bike - or with support up to 45 km / h, for this, you would need a specific insurance in most European countries. We are happy to advise you in more detail regarding that.

The use of a rear-engine creates space in the area of ​​the bottom bracket and removes the entire part around the crank from the area in which the engine exerts its power. This not only reduces wear but also allows us to use a pinion gearbox, creating a fluid riding and shifting experience for you. In principle, every Pinion gearbox from the C - series is suitable for our frame, from C1.6 to C1.18, however, given the engine´s support, you won´t need as many gears - the neodrive cranks up in every gear. Therefore we recommend you either the C1.12. or the C1.9. with a bandwidth of 600 % and 568 % respectively.

The battery has a capacity of 650 Wh, is hidden in the down tube and can either be dismounted from the bike via a simple click system and then charged at the next socket or you charge the battery whilst in the bike. You never have to worry about the current state of charge, as new Li-Ion batteries have no memory effect anymore.

The connection between Pinion transmission and Neodrive rear engine is created by a Gates belt drive. This not only looks good and increases the efficiency of the overall system, but also works without lubricating oil, reduces annoying noises and hence the wear of important parts such as crank and sprocket.

You control the entire system from your cockpit, here you can see all relevant information such as the current speed, the remaining state of charge and the support mode in which you are in. Besides that, the supernova lighting system is also conveniently activated from here.

The s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike is available with a rigid fork and a 65 mm suspension fork. Your new dream e bike also comes in your dream color, just name your RAL color code and we will paint your e bike accordingly.

The s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike is available from 1.2.2020 - you are welcome to pre-order now.

If you have any further questions about this product or HILITE bikes, please contact us at [email protected]



22 kg 

28 ” and 650B possible


s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike

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s Pinion Neodrive Aluminum e Bike