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The new XF3 Adventure from HNF Nicolai is the last e-bike that you can build before officially calling it an e Enduro.

There is as much technology in this e MTB as you can somehow fit into a bike frame without the bike losing its relation to what it is: a bike with electrical assistance - and in this case with enormous assistance.


With this e-bike, you can comfortably take any shortcut over the steepest stairs - uphill or downhill. Or chase your house trail up first and then down again. And then again and again - without having to refuel in between. We promise you that you will be the first one to be exhausted because the XF3 Adventure comes with a standard battery capacity of 1125 Wh.


This energy flows directly into the new fourth-generation Bosch CX motor. Reduced weight and size allow shorter chainstays and thus more maneuverability. The engine is optically and technically appealing centrally and deeply directly in the bottom bracket. The support amounts to up to 340% of your pedal force and that with a torque of up to 85 Nm. The response behavior has been specifically optimized by Bosch for e MTB use and is almost instantaneous, which is particularly noticeable on balance-intensive trails at lower speeds and will significantly increase your riding experience.


The combination of your pedal force and the support from the Bosch motor is then passed on to your rear wheel via a carbon belt drive from Gates. The Gates belt is almost indestructible, needs hardly any maintenance, always runs in ideal line, and does not require any lubricant. And of course, it also manages the immense energy it is handling without you having to worry about its durability. The perfect partner for long tours.


The proven Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 is hidden in the rear wheel. The numbers respectively stand for the large gear ratio range of 526% and the gradation of this range in 14 evenly graded gears. With the Rohloff E-14, this circuit is now electronically controlled and the switch unit on the handlebars also works electronically. This enables incredibly fast, precise, and material-friendly gear changes. During a shift, the engine automatically takes the load off the drive and changes gear in just 180 ms - currently the fastest gear change. With multi-shift, up to three gears can be shifted at once. And with the auto-downshift option, your bike automatically detects when you stop at a traffic light and automatically switches back to a previously defined approach gear.


So much for the drive of the HNF Nicolai XF3 Adventure. The whole system is built into a frame developed and handcrafted in Germany. This means a full-suspension frame kit optimized for wheel size 650b. Sophisticated anti-squat kinematics in combination with a specially developed belt tensioner ensures a drive-neutral chassis performance. Your power is completely converted into forward movement and the bumps under you are swallowed by the CaneCreek damper and RockShox suspension fork. Incidentally, with 160 mm of travel at the front and 140 mm at the rear. This bullet is slowed down with brake levers from Magura adapted from motorcycle racing. These delay a huge brake disc with a diameter of 203 mm at the front and 180 mm at the rear.


Besides good braking, good light is of course particularly important for your safety at these speeds. The XF3 Adventure is therefore equipped with the first approved headlights with high and low beam according to the current StVZO. So you can be sure to illuminate the entire trail with a high beam and not endanger anyone on the return trip home with a low beam.


The XF3 Adventure sets new standards in this class and it will be difficult to get back on another bike. Come to our shop or write us a message and we will come over to you to try it out for yourself.

Geometry HNF Nicolai XF3 Adventure Aluminum Bike

HNF Nicolai XF3 Adventure Aluminum e Bike

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HNF Nicolai XF3 Adventure Aluminum e Bike

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